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In today's competitive environment, the role of promotional marketing goes beyond generating short-term sales gains, increased store or web traffic or additional inquiries.

Across America, marketing leaders at top companies - large and small - expect more from their promotional marketing programs. Not only do they have to deliver immediate results, but also contribute to long-term profitability and build brand equity.

That's why our approach is to develop integrated, strategically sound programs that add value to your brand, built on innovative ideas that flow from a thorough understanding of your goals, objectives, competitive situation, and target audience.

As a full service promotion agency, we are on your team from the moment the game begins until the last whistle blows. We have the experience and skills to play every position, from developing winning strategies and tactics to high-end graphic design and execution to unmatched expertise in developing and sourcing promotional merchandise to flawless fulfillment and control.

Our mission is to help you achieve your promotional goals by leveraging the equity built by your advertising program -- in essence adding "topspin" to your marketing efforts -- through insightful, creative promotions that work. We are about ideas that generate results...ideas with impact.

TopSpin Marketing is a full service sales promotion agency dedicated specifically to the discipline of promotion marketing.

The services we provide our clients include Promotion Development, Fulfillment, Creative Services, Promotional Products, Brand Name and Premium Products, Incentive Services (including Intelispend debit Card and retail card programs), Custom Merchandise, and Catalog Programs.

Promotional Development: Our Promotion development capabilities include three categories: Consumer, Trade, and Employee.

Consumer Promotion - We help companies achieve their marketing goals and strategies using the appropriate tactics such as contests, sweepstakes, on-packs, near-packs, continuity/ loyalty programs, trial/ visit generation...

Trade Promotion - We develop turnkey sales incentive programs that motivate trade partners to increase sales through dealer loaders, spiffs, displays, co-ops, trade shows, events...

Employee Promotion - We help improve performance, generate pride and develop loyalty through programs that recognize and reward defined achievements i.e. safety, quality, sales, length-of-service, referals, and the patented Virtual Role Play Training technology.

Creative Services: Effectively communicating promotional programs to the target audience is essential to success.

We work with our clients to develop effective communication pieces such as digital marketing, social media promotions and management, videos, brochures, flyers, posters, catalogs, sell sheets, booth graphics, point-of-purchase, packaging...

Promotional Products and Premiums: In the eyes of our clients, customers, trade partners and employees, a promotional item with their logo on it is THEIR product. That is why we take the selection of promotional products so seriously.

We are committed to developing comprehensive promotional merchandise programs that reflect the unique values, character and marketing goals of our clients, and offer end-to-end expertise in services that include custom designs and manufacturing, and corporate gift, catalog, and incentive programs.

Companies put a tremendous amount of thought, effort and resources into creating their brand identity. We put no less effort into helping enhance their well-earned image through the products we recommend to represent them.

TopSpin offers a full range of items to help achieve specific marketing objectives, including apparel, headwear, executive gifts, travel, accessories, trade show traffic builders, awards, travel programs, and sporting goods. We also provide a wide selection of premium brand names like Coach, Cutter & Buck, Sony, Waterford, Mont Blanc, and Swiss Army to name a few.

Custom Merchandise: When custom solutions are required, we can design, model and manufacture totally custom products to meet the unique needs of any marketing program. Whatever the item, quantity of specification, we can make it happen from start to finish.

Domestic or imported, we are the one-stop-shop to source the world!

Incentive Programs: Rewarding performance and recognizing accomplishments with desirable gifts or valuable rewards is a cornerstone of successful promotion marketing programs. These programs can take many forms and target many constituencies.

The development of effective programs requires experience, thoughtful planning, and creativity. TopSpin Marketing has the expertise and capabilities to create effective, integrated programs that work.

Catalog Programs: Promotional merchandise catalog programs are an effective way to build corporate identification and offer turnkey means to provide incentives, rewards, or employee recognition.

Our catalog services include sourcing, procurement, decoration, warehousing, order processing and fulfillment.

We can even go a step further and help design and promote your catalog to encourage participation and maximize its effectiveness.

Summary: At TopSpin Marketing, we take a comprehensive, solution-oriented approach in providing promotions, promotional products and programs for our clients.

We strive to gain a thorough understanding of what OUR CLIENTS are trying to accomplish including their objectives, audience, theme and tone.

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